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Reef keeping equipment and livestock specialists

Here at we specialize in marine (reef) keeping and all aspects of reef aquarium systems.

We currently stock everything needed to set up, stock, run and keep a healthy and stable marine set up of your own. Not only are we an online sales we have a large live stock premises with huge range of corals and fish always instock from many different countries giving us a wide range in species and prices to suit all tank and budget sizes. All dry goods are in stock and available online or in store if you require a more personal sale or simply need help and advice with a product or a problem with your aquarium and it's contents. We stock skimmers, flow and return pumps, marine salts, R/O units, aquariums, fish feeds, coral feeds, live sands, live rock, light units and much much more.

 All orders over £50 are free delivery including all large buckets of salt. (Please contact if not applied, orders are posted on a next day service were possible.)

Welcome To Marine Aquatics Website

Welcome To Marine Aquatics Website

Welcome to our website.

As an introduction to our website we have some great products for you.

The Zeovit System

The development of the system is based on practical tests and users experiences. A practically developed original, based on manifold experiences is without any comparison to a theoretical copy of the original. Take care of getting the original packaging of

The base system involves the effective reduction of nutrients and maintenance of water conditions close to the parameters corals encounter in their natural habitat. This column consists for the following components: 

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